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4 simple steps SEO Strategies in 2017

03/19/2017 8:12 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Do you want to view your website on the first page of the search engine? There will be hardly anyone in this web industry that doesn’t care where his website stands in the search engine. No matter whether you are planning for a product sell or for conducting any services, you need to have a proper SEO strategy in order to rank high in the search engine. For those who are starting their business is going to a website from the very starting of their business but those who are already in the business are also facing the need of having a web page in this 2017. So, all have hurried up to hold the position in the search engine. This has created lots of rush where everyone wants to rank high in the SERP. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important for finding any business online and the webmasters have understood this and all had buckle their shoes to be in the race. There are certain who are giving their highest effort and despite that cannot rank in a good position. Now the question arises why? Are they doing something wrong or are their products unable to get that desired result. Google or any other search engine do highly prefer to follow all the guidelines before getting your online business started but the fact is that how many follow that guideline. Customers can be easily gained if you manage to earn the required traffic driving towards your website. So, for driving traffic towards your site you need to have a correct SEO strategy. I will advise before making your website lives you needs to sit quietly and gather all the points that may work out in the search engine and give you a chance to be seen on the first page of the search engine. You must be thinking that on which things to concentrate, so here are 4 steps that you may count on for creating a better SEO strategy for your website;

1. Need to know about your targeted customers

know your customers

Whom are you selling your products? This can be the most important question for any business to know. As a businessman, you can’t just go around selling your product from one end of the earth to the other end. You need to focus on a group or on an area or on a particular class of customers. There can be thousands of such categories on which you can classify your targeted customers. You need to question yourself as whom are you going to sell your products or services. You need to focus on this particular group. You can either conduct a survey or even can ask the help of some influencer. These can be your prime audiences for growing up of your business. Designing and selling the product or services to these particular group can definitely earn you profit. You can design products, services or even can give some discounts for theses group of targeted customers. These customers can deliver you the ultimate goal of your business if you choose the right category for your business

2. Need to know your keyword list

How will your customers find you on the internet? The answer has been they search in the search engine with a specific word or phrase that if related to your organization then it will show your details in the search result. For every other business, the keywords can be different. Experts or influencers do prefer keywords as very important as it is the reason against which your industry will be shown on the SERP as the result of a particular search. Once you have the list of such topics you can definitely have a talk with some influencers and do ask for their opinions. Experts do highly prefer long tail keywords as that cab attract the largest number of customers towards your business. If you do have an offline store too, then let me inform you that in a recent survey it was been noted that the people who are likely to search online, most of them visit the offline store within a day or two. Never forget to update this list as you need to come up with experiments.

3. Need to have a blog

Blogging is very common now ad days. For the purpose of building up of the traffic for organic search, you need to write on the blogs on a regular interval. This can be a process by which your customers and friends of them and again friends of the friends can know about you and your business. I do know that you may be very busy but what you need to know that blogging has proved to be one of the essential element of SEO and if you want to attract some organic traffic then you need to blog on a regular basis. Target your customers, create the blog for them. Prepare your topic beforehand and can also write on them but post them on a particular interval of time. You need to choose topics of the interest of the targeted customers and also can include your keywords inside your blogs writings. Also, you can give some interesting facts with quotes and images that can attract the customers.

4. Need to have a plan on link building

You do not afford to miss this? This can be considered as one of the most important points that will help you in ranking high in the search engine. You need to earn the link. Generally known as link building, it can be the most important element of the off page SEO. This is the place where you can know how much fame you have earned and how important you are in the eyes of your customers. Whenever you earn a link, you are supposed to be becoming more popular and the search engine does rank sites on the basis of the link earned. If you manage to earn links from the influencers, then these are considered to be high-quality links and advantage you by ranking high in the search engine result page.


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