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10 Best SEO Tools you Must Know on 2017

04/02/2017 11:35 AM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Can search engine optimization be overlooked? The answer is simply a No. No matter how the technology gets advanced or changed, the need for search engine optimization or SEO is never going to end up. A business that is started up new or is in the market for years needs to be serious with SEO from the very starting. Search engine optimization looks after the ranking system of your website. SEO is there to facilitate you. If you are thinking that search engine optimization is a simple task then you are very wrong, search engine optimization involves a lot of processes to be carried out. Tools or resources are available that can make your tack easier. Some of these tools may come as paid services whereas some may come absolutely free.

10 Best SEO Tools you Must Know

These are the best seo tools that can help you in ranking up of your website. So, here is a list of such 10 SEO Tools resources that can help you in you work with SEO;

1. Google Analytics

Invented by Google, it is one of the best tools that have the capability of managing a lot of different websites together. This tool gives information regarding the traffic and the place from where the traffic is being generated. It also looks at the factors that how will your site behave and also takes a look on the conversion rate. Google Analytic also do help in deterring that whether your campaigning going well for the business and how much it is effective for the business. It can also provide you means through which you can improve your site. Nearly each and every business professional take the advantage of this tool. Easy to install, all you can start by installing analytic script in your website.

2. Google Webmaster

It can be termed as an extension over the Google analytics, this tool provides a more detailed information about how your website is being done. Google webmaster provides more technical information and in-depth information about the performance of the site. It will provide you with ways by which you can improve your site performance. Google webmaster when in used, it will warn you if your site is broken or damaged. It will also inform you in case of violation of Google terms and conditions. It can also help you with indexing of your site in the SEO and with factors of onsite SEO. It can recommend Meta description and title tag for your site too. Thus Google webmaster tool has a greater utility and cannot be overlooked.

3. Open Site Explorer

free seo tool to check your backlinks health

Developed by Moz, Open Site Explorer works on profiles of inbound links. Often termed as “search engine for links”, it identifies all the links that points to your website. Determination of link pointing to your website is very important in order to determine the page authority and domain authority of the page. It is used to note the growth of the site. Open Site explorer gives you the facility to look after your competitors. It helps you in finding out what tools and tactics they are using in their business. Open Site Explorer helps you to identify the bad links and take necessary action to them and thus identifying the Backlink.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Developed by Google, this tool can be used along Adwords. It helps in finding the organic keyword. This it carries out a research in finding the organic keyword. As working with the SEO, you must be quite aware how important a keyword can be for the ranking of your website in the search engine result page. Google keyword planner gives you idea about the phrases or the keyword that can tank high in the search engine. It can also provide you with the information about the search volume for your site. Knowing your competition level is highly recommended in SEO. Google KEYWORD Planner does tell you the competition level for your website.

5. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Developed by Moz, Keyword Explorer facilitates you with a series of keywords recommendation that can be essential for the ranking of the site in the SERPs. It will provide you with a more specific recommendation as which keyword to choose. Moz’s Keyword Explorer gives you information about the search volume for a specific keyword.

6. BuzzSumo

seo tool to allow you check backlink version buzz sumo

BuzzSumo can help you with your content. Though I will not recommend going for the paid version, you can carry your work with the free version of BuzzSumo. Through this tool, you can search for topics that are popular and also can help you to find that influencer who can help you in your campaign. Thus, BuzzSumo can be concluded as the content tool that fully assists with your content.

7. SEMRush

free seo tool to check your organic traffic by country

Like BuzzSumo, you can use the free version of SEMRush. This really works with your positioning in the search engine result page. SEMRush can be used to know your positioning in the SERP. It also helps you by telling the position of your competitor. It has certain tactics that can guide in ranking of a website in a more competitive way.

8. QuickSprout

on site seo grader

QuickSprout is a tool that is used for the purpose of auditing in the SEO. It is also used for the purpose of analyzing SEO for your website. QuickSprout is also helpful in analyzing the competition metric for your site and also to know the traffic.

9. Spider View Simulator

Spider View Simulator is a tool that is used to see how a spider is working on your site. It is needed that a spider should crawl all the pages that you want them to crawl. Spider View Simulator thus informs if Google spider misses a page to crawl thus by recommending the solution to the problem. Spider View Simulator helps in the ranking of the page.

10. SERPs Rank Checker

seo tool to check your site ranking in search engine

For a webmaster, it is very-essential that his website rank high in the search engine. All do invest a lot in this attempt. So, here is a tool called SERPs Rank Checker that can help you in monitoring the ranking of the website in the search engine for a specific keyword term.


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