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Perfect SEO word count in pages & article?

Are you a blogger or a reviewer? If yes, then you obviously know about the importance of writing great content in SEO as well as user engagement on your website. The content you write can make or break the success of your website. There are various types of articles and then there is a recommended word count for each of these types of articles. The question is, how...
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Does perform Backlinks Check is important?

Backlinks is a highly popular term in SEO market. Backlinks are actually links being created to connect from one web page to another and are like to up votes to a site from other sites in SEO terms. If you need to increase the rank of your site at any of the search engines, the only effective method is using best quality Backlinks. They will help in increasing the...
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The Best 10 SEO Tools List 2017

Every profession has its own tools that help achieve results faster, automate routine tasks or simply facilitate the work process. The Best SEO tools list grows even more. What SEO tools exist on the market, which ones are popular, how to choose the right? Here it the Top 10 best SEO tools List that had done a great job and put together lists of the most useful...
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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Wordpress?

Hey, Folks! As you are pretty aware that “Google“ always keeps on experimenting with new technology trends that could be beneficial for users. So, keeping its legacy it has started a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages i.e AMP and this thing is making news these days. This post explains what actually AMP is and how it can be beneficial...
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Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin the Sections Breaking Down

If you are a blogger running your blogs on WordPress self-hosted platform, then you are in luck as you have such an enormous list of plugins available from various developers which help manages your WordPress blog feel like a walk in the park. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial thing which all webmasters need to take care of and develop their sites...
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Does New Entrepreneurs Need Marketing Strategies Plans?

We can’t deny the fact that all flourishing businesses are founded on a strategic marketing plan. However, this may entail expensive operational cost as well. Hence, many entrepreneurs who want to cut the amount on this aspect seek for new marketing strategies. This can be true on a newly set up business with meager capital to keep their ads running....
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Is Professional hosting affecting the Site SEO?

Slow loading site or the unavailability of the pages have a negative impact on the ranking position in the search engine result. The most common cause of such problem of the site are the problems with hosting. In this article, we will talk about what to look for when choosing a Professional Web hosting provider, and try to get answers to the eternal question of...
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