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Check Your Site Moz Domain Authority

Domain Authority is algorithm created by Moz to predict how great the websites rank in search engine results pages, Domain Authority metric scaled on number which '1' as the lowest and '100' the highest, Moz claimed to create this moz check domain authority they have mimicking Google Algorithm and use more than 40 ranking signals while...
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Take a View your DNS Info

It happens many a time that you hear about a website from a friend that is very cool and you get excited to visit the same site but you are not able to reach it. Isn’t that disappointing? And also why is it so that your friends are able to visit a website but you are not able to? There can be many problems for that but the leading one is your Internet Service...
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Notices The Google with Online Ping Tool

As a blogger, it’s your day job to feed your readers with recent update content which they enjoy reading and admire. Most of your readers must have subscribed to your mailing list to make sure they don’t miss any updates from you. But you need to expand, reach a new audience. How would you do that? The answer to your question is the Search Engines....
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Treat Dead Link Finder as your Precious Friends

If you are into online businesses that mean you earn your income through your website then it is very important for you to have a good crowd. For a good crowd, it is very important that they find your web page or website and also it is important that your website has good ranking in search engines. Now sometimes it happens that your content is good and what your...
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Why Must Keywords Density Checker?

Keywords are one of the most important assets when you try to optimize your site for search engines. Also, when you write blog posts for your site, you need to know which words are repeated and ensure that they are your targeted keywords. However, we can't really know about how many times the keywords are used and what should be the ideal percentage with...
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Use Alexa Web Analytics to Estimate Your Site Traffic

Alexa Web Analytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of which ranks all the sites in the world based on its algorithm which considers page views, unique hits, and other factors. This rank is an average measure of how well your site is currently doing. To know the current rank of your site, you need to check it constantly. There were not many tools...
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Predict SEO Scores with Inbound Links number

Inbound Links or refer as Backlinks are one of the most important things when you are trying to uplift the SEO of your website. The better Inbound Links you get, the more your chances to rank higher on Google and other search engines. These are created when other sites link to you. If the sites that link back to your site are popular and carry authority, then your...
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