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404 Error Page - Is 404 Error Page bad news?

You must have seen this message while following a link that takes you to another web page. Whenever such a message is encountered you are unable to visit the destination page. So, what does this error means? What type of error occurs through it that does not allow you to visit the destination page. This entire question might arise in your mind, so to answer all...
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Link Building - Strategies to Building links

Have you gone through a search by your company’s name in the search engine and didn’t find anything by business name. That means your company is far away from your customers view. Secondly, there must be cases where you lack referral traffic. Setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account may not be of your much help. Generating brand awareness is...
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Hyperlink - What is Hyperlink and usefulness of it?

While surfing the internet or reading a content on the internet you must have come across many colorful words that when clicked takes to another page of a separate website or can take you to another page of the same website. Can you guess what are these links called? These links are called hyperlinks. I9t can be defined as the link that takes you from a...
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What is SEO? The Definition and Implantation of SEO

Being connected with ranking in the search engine, you must be fully aware of the fact how much is SEO important in the search engine. For those who are not aware of the term let me provide with a brief explanation. What is SEO? Why SEO? For the regular person, whenever you are searching on the search engine you are getting the advantages of the SEO. Search Engine...
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8 Open Source Programming Languages for Web Developers

Are you aware that your website will be old after the invasion of the new trends? Though it’s sad but it is bare truth in the field of web development. You need to be constantly up to date to make your website in the racing track otherwise you can only see the success of your competitors. The web development trends keeping on changing every single day. The...
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5 Silly Web Development Issues

Is it true that you are wishing to begin your business on the web? So, what have you planned for? First select what you want to have on the web page. Before selecting a keyword, do a good deal of research on the keyword you want to use. This keyword increases the ranking in the SEO. Then try to create a web page that defines your company in the best way. Are you afraid of...
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What is social media marketing?

Just think a day without social media? Yes, I am talking about spending a whole day without Facebook. Twitter and other social sites. Is that possible? If I was in the 19 century or say the 20th century then I could say that it is possible but standing in the 21st century and talking about spending the day without social media is next to impossible. In this busy...
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