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How to Write Great SEO Articles?

If you’re setting out to write a stunning SEO article, then you may already have your wires somewhat crossed. More specifically, setting out to write an ‘SEO article’ means you’re probably setting out with entirely the wrong objective. Writing an SEO article suggests that you are writing for Google first and for the visitor...
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How to Increase Website Traffic for Free?

Is Everyone dreams to make money through their web pages, by display advertising ads, or selling some products, or maybe making money by reviewing specific products. Everyone know that "More traffic mean money", whenever your product you provide as long has lot traffic to your web pages that will increase your sales or conversion, to achieve...
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Chmod Calculator - Chmod Permission & Chmod Sample

Linux and UNIX are among the most used operating systems in the developer's community. To use the operating system in the best way and to be efficient in its operations, you need to know the various commands of the OS. One of the most used and important commands for Linux and UNIX is the chmod command. It is used for changing the permissions of files as well as...
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Chmod Command - Chmod Common Command & Description

If you are a Linux or UNIX user, you must know some useful commands that can be used in the operating system. One of the most used commands for Linux and UNIX is the chmod command. Chmod stands for change mode which is what the command does. It is used to change the permissions of the files and directories in your system. The usage of the command is quite simple and...
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is Search Engines Submission Are Important?

Search Engine Submission - is a process web pages owner to submit their pages to search engine in order get indexed on it and webmasters usually see this process as way to promoting their web pages, Normally it not necessary to do that because all major Search Engine like Google Search, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc use their bots (crawler or spiders) to find web pages...
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404 Pages Not an Evil

Last night when I read an article in a random website while reading I have found a really interesting and I click the link to read the content, but unfortunately, the link is dead and I found 404 page, this is very disappointing because I have been very curious about the article content. Suddenly I recall some SEOs Experts said "404s is a Bad News, 404s can...
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Penalty and Recover from Google Updates

A penalty from Google can be your worst nightmare! Imagine this scenario, you successfully build a site which is fetching you decents amount per month and you rely on Google for the majority, if not all of the traffic which comes to your site. You sleep being contented that your site is set but wake up to find all your traffic has dropped and your site, which was on...
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