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We like to compare things… Aren’t we? This is a common human nature to compare things with other similar items. Human-made computer, so it is obvious that the website they made will also like them to compare with their competitors. Nowhere in this article, we will talk about a metric that aimed at comparing one website with the other. Popularly known as Alexa Ranking. Invented by, Alexa ranking is basically a ranking system that audits your created web page. This term is not very famous as because previously many people were not very reluctant to this ranking system. Talking about the history of Alexa rank, it was invented in 1996 by a California-based subsidiary company Alexa of This company had a specialization in creating the web traffic information assembled by means of different toolbars and web program expansions. Do, you remember Wayback Machine? The database of Wayback Machine was created by Alexa and that served as the basis of Wayback Machine. Alexa rank is their most famous creation of that acts as a metric that ranks website according to their popularity and also counts on their last 3 months performance. The algorithm of Alexa rank is very simple. It counts on numbers of traffic measured by users who have installed Alexa toolbar for a period of more than three months. The parameters on which this traffic works are page views and reach. Discussing more vividly, here page views are the number of times a specific webpage is being viewed by Alexa users. Next is the reach that refers to the number of Alexa users who have visited the site in a single day. If you are thinking that you can increase the ranking by visiting the page more than ones, then you are wrong. Alexa rank will count it as a single visit for a specific user on a day. Alexa rank work on a daily basis counting the reach and the number of page views for the sites. This works by calculating the geometric mean of page views and reach averaged over three months of time.

About How Alexa Ranking Works

You must be thinking that it is a very critical process. No, it’s not… It’s very easy to get this ranking done. Search for site on the search engine. Once you have found the so, go in it and install the Alexa toolbar. That’s all you have to do. Your work ends over here. The function of this toolbar is searching. Now this toolbar will display the rank of the visited site. Also tells about the site that has been crawled by the surfers which are linked in a specific way to the site that you have visited. Alexa toolbar sends the data to the central server system. Thus each time we visited a web page through a browser that has an Alexa toolbar installed, sends information to the server that indicates your IP along with the page that you have visited. The information gathered from all users who have installed Alexa toolbar. In Alexa ranking system the smaller is your rank the better for you. Some say that if your site manages to get in the top then represents that your site is in a heavy traffic, that is, of course, good for you.

Alexa Rank Checker

So, what is an Alexa Rank Checker? It is one of the tools that find out the ranking of the page. It searches hundreds of sites and finds out that how is your site in comparisons to the other sites present on the web page. There are sites where you can find Alexa rank for each domain. Again subdomains are being calculated with the main domain name. In Alexa ranking, the lower is the result the better is your position. You can just enter your domain name and click on the check button. It will compute the ranking in just a few seconds of time. It calculates for a period of three months. Some may come with a captcha, which you have to solve. This calculation is done by comparing the sites ranking in present days with its ranking for the last three months. Alexa checker is one of the most trusted ones and is easily available. This checks the ranking of your page. You just have to enter your site domain name and wait for a second for the result to be shown. It counts the ranks against millions of site that are present on the website. It can also help you to develop a traffic history graph for your own website. It computes on the basis of the Alexa Toolbar users. There are some sites that can count at least 10 websites at a time. If you ask me then I will say you that it is the fastest way to calculate and also the easiest way. You can also create a custom delivery report for your clients. This can be a source of income for you too. So, what are you waiting for just try it once? And I am sure you will be a beneficiary.

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