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Adsense Calculator


About Adsense Calculator

If you are a blogger or a freelancer, then you need to consider or take care of two aspects to succeed. One is customer or reader satisfaction and another is from where your major share of revenue comes from. A blogger or webmasters major share of revenue usually comes from Google AdSense as well as Amazon Affiliate because those are the two platforms which allows us to monetize our content.

AdSense serves PPC ads whereas Amazon allows you to promote their products by writing content related to those products and persuading the readers to convert into your customers. In both the cases, excellent content is the prime requirement to earn.

There are some great tracking tools when it comes to Amazon where you can estimate the click through rate of a visitor and conversion reports right into the control panel for a publisher, but unfortunately you don’t have any data to estimate the revenue you will make from AdSense through its dashboard. Fortunately, there are some great tools like this one where you can make an assumption as to how much you are going to make from your website by taking CPC, CTR and impressions as a factor.

How to use AdSense Calculator:

Using this tool is dead simple, follow the steps below:

  • Key in your CPC, CTR and daily impressions which you get from your site. You can get this data from AdSense performance reports. Please make sure that you enter CPC and CTR in plain numbers or else the value won’t be accepted and you may not get the results desired. Example CPC: 0.15; Example CTR: 2
  • Fill in the simple captcha. It is in place to keep bots and scripts from crashing our servers with too many requests.
  • Click on the “Calculate Earning” button.

Breaking down the data returned by AdSense Calculator

Daily Earnings: This one is obviously which you are most interested in. It shows the estimated daily earnings from the data above.

Monthly and Yearly Earnings: This is yet again purely based on estimation. These values are derived by multiplying the daily earnings with 30 and 365 respectively.

Daily Clicks: This field shows the estimated amount of clicks which your site may receive considering the CTR. You can expect more clicks if you manage to improve your CTR by split testing your ad units.

Monthly and Yearly Clicks: These values are derived by multiplying the daily clicks with 30 and 365 respectively.

Google AdSense is one of the best sources of monetization for bloggers and reviewers alike. It is necessary that you adhere to their policies and work legit in order to keep your account safe. This tool is hundred percent safe and it won’t cause any ban to your account in using this tool to estimate your earnings.

All the output results are based purely on estimations which are generated through the data input by you. Your actual clicks and earnings may vary according to the traffic as well as CTR of your site.

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